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Post Marketing Management :

Post Marketing Management...


Insures a smooth transition from Contract Signing

to Closing of Title....

1. As soon as we have a Signed Contract Offer we will review the content ( practical issues not legal ..always consult an Attorney for any and all of your legal questions and/ or issues ! )  , terms and qualifications* of the  prospective Buyer(s) with the Seller prior to review with an attorney.

2. Once the Contract of Sale is approved by Attorneys and the Attorney Review Period is over the contract we will review one more time to add to our Service Calendar all important dates requiring timely functions *such as:

  •    Collection of additional Money Deposits
  •    Schedule Home Inspection
  •    Attend Home Inspection if required.
  •    Confirm Mortgage Application in Process
  •    Schedule Appraisal
  •    Attend Appraiser  Inspection if Required
  •    Prepare Appraisal Appeal if required
  •    Frequent updates with Mortgage Processor to check progress...
  •    Mortgage Contingency Date
  •    Repairs ( if Any )
  •    Municipal Inspections
  •    Follow up Municipal Inspections, if any.
  •    Final Walk Through
  •    Touch base with Closing Attorney to make sure all documentation  is in order in case any additional servicing is needed
  •    Co-ordination of Closings with all parties
  •    Any other required services required to make the transition as smooth and problem free as possible.

Close follow up and co-ordination is vital to a smooth transaction from beginning to end. Lack of proper follow could cause many headaches including delays and additional costs to all parties NOT to mention the transaction falls apart...

*Personally I do not rely on any staff members to follow up I will confirm and report back to Owner as each phase is completed successfully and of course on time !



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